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OUTSIDERS NEED NOT APPLY gives listeners an insiders' perspective on what it takes to get past the velvet ropes and into the halls of power of the music industry based on who you are, and not just who you know, overcoming obstacles of age, gender, race, education, experience or any number of other factors listeners’ may self-identify with that have so often marginalized aspiring talents looking for their shot.

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OUTSIDERS NEED NOT APPLY focuses on the people who bring us music. Who chase the sounds that can open us up. There are secrets and surprises in their work. Also lessons and insights.

This series will illuminate barriers we may not even know exist and share the real world stories about how they were overcome. 

The context of the show is music, that universal human expression that touches our minds, our souls, our hearts, and our bodies as we celebrate, mourn, empathize, connect, open ourselves up, and explore what it means to be alive. We hear music and dance. Lyrics bring us inside. Conversations may pull us apart or build better worlds. We hear with our brains as well as our ears. Picking out sounds that matter. Sorting them. We decipher the nuances of tone, accent, slang, phrasing, wordplay, and pauses. If we focus in, if we pay attention, we come to see who is missing from the conversation. 


The OUTSIDER stories add dimensions to our experiences of their art and illuminate unexpected pathways to solving the puzzle of how we break through the barriers we face, too. 

OUTSIDERS NEED NOT APPLY is an interview style podcast with host Tonia Kempler and her guests from all walks of the Music Industry - From Record Company Executives to Songwriters, Producers, and Artists who self identify with having had to face the added barriers of age, race, disability, sexual preference, among others. Peter Andrews (Writer and Associate Producer) will co-host a few of the episodes, including Tonia’s personal interview of her own walk in the dark while navigating her way.

Tonia has worn many hats in the music industry. She is well-versed in the world of music and has extensive relationships already backing this program. She has managed Grammy Award-winning producers, songwriters, and engineers, she’s been a concert promoter, she’s been a business manager for Record Label executives, and she’s managed rock bands, urban and pop artists signed to major labels. 

Tonia’s manner and approach are calm and soothing. Her voice is hypnotic and transcending, yet she exhibits a fierce precision that slices through to the “gem” of each interview as well as keeps the conversations on track. This is complimented and guided by Peter Andrews, utilizing his extensive background with the interview process and speech writing. Peter has written Congressional testimony, Davos programs and more. He has written or produced over 150 episodes of Dimensions in Science, a syndicated radio program. In addition to his independent efforts, he’s currently head writer for the second season of the Web series O’Town NYC. 

Tonia’s approach solicits laughs and pain. These are stories of struggle and loss that captivate listeners. These are not the stories of happy, well-paved paths to success. Tonia wears her heart on her sleeve and her open, honest empathy radiates out through the airwaves as she sets a comfortable, safe environment for her guests to share what our listeners’ need most — Positive inspiration, guidance, and motivation. These stories uplift downtrodden creative minds by showing there are many ways to navigate personal barriers and obstacles when you feel the world is continually stacking them against you.   

Follow some of the industry’s greats and be inspired by their individual journeys.  Discover how they each broke into the notorious world of music, whether age, race, gender, disability or some other obstacle or challenge stood in their way.

Episodes are underway - Check back for Updates when we'll be releasing the first season.


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